First child

in this season.

Despite the rather cold nights, tiny bunnies come into the world. Grays are not born in burrows, where it is cozy and warm. Puppies are born in a small hollow straight on the grass. They are completely developed and covered with thick fur so they do not fear local frost. Mom leaves her children unattended most of the time! It appears only a few times for feeding. When we encounter such a baby on her way, we DO NOT TOUCH IT! DO NOT TRANSFER! DO NOT GIVE THE GRASS AROUND! ABOUT ANY PLACE IF IS NOT VERY DANGEROUS, WE LEAVE A LITTLE GRAY IN A CALM!
IN CASE OF DOUBT, CONTACT US This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!!!
In the Mysikrólik store on our website (here) you can buy a mug with a gray. In this way, you support our activities for wild animals.


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