What to call such a bestial act?!

Unprintable words well up in our mouths, but we’ll skip them. A fox caught by us from the construction materials warehouse’s yard in Bielsko-Biała on the border with Pisarzowice. The animal with a limp in its leg was seen for some time in that place. It was claimed that it might have a collar around his neck. As it turned out, it was a clamped snare of steel cord slowly cutting through the trachea. More serious, however, than the injuries to the neck, was a pierced (like with a pitchfork) festering wound on the hind paw. On top of that very thin blood, which may indicate a longer poisoning of the animal. Foxes can make life difficult for poultry farmers and expose them to measurable losses by hunting often unprotected hens. This, however, never justifies such monstrous mistreatment of an animal. We can afford many unnecessary things. However, we are not able to spend a few hundred zlotys on measures aimed at effective protection of our belongings. That is very sad. Despite many efforts the fox could not be saved.

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