Black Box

From the black box of a black stork...

The stork flew to picturesque Ethiopia! He safely crossed Lebanon and Sudan, where he could have been hunted. We have for you, from our ornithologists, some interesting information from the „black box” that the stork has on its back:
▪️ The average cruising altitude in the last seven days is 2000 m. The highest is 3200 m!
▪️ It flies at an average speed of 18 m/sec (65 km/h) and has the fastest speed at 30 m/sec (100 km/h)!
▪️ Longest distance traveled in one trip: November – 380 km, and then he crossed Sudan on Friday the 13th!
▪️ Over the past week, he has been covering around 200 to almost 400 km a day! He was already traveling across Africa then.
ps. In Africa they will finally find out about Foundation Mysikrolik! wink.


Last modified on Friday, 27 November 2020 11:35