Fight for life!

In recent days, in the small foundation Mysikrólik we have fought for the life of this wonderful predator – the wolf, which we called Klincz. He was seriously injured in a collision with a car in village called Mały Klincz, not far from Kościerzyna ☹. A doctor from distant Bytów hurried to the rescue [link]. Dr Piotr Burliński and his wife Anna decided to fight for the wolf's life by giving him the necessary first aid GREAT THANKS FOR THIS ATTITUDE! When the condition of the Wolf allowed its transport, the „Wolf” Association for Nature set off for it [link]. As the Association for Nature „Wolf” and Mysikrólik are friends and cooperate with the same veterinarian dr Izabela Całus from [link] the animal came to our center. The wolf was severely weakened and was still in a life-threatening condition. However, thanks to the knowledge and experience of dr Izabela Całus, who came to Wolf several times a day and we dozens of times 24 hours a day during these few days looked after the patient by changing the drip, his condition improved smile. Among other things, this case shows how necessary a veterinary office is in the center, which we are slowly creating so that all necessary diagnostics in such cases take in one place. The fate of the Wolf is not a foregone conclusion, but we all want him to return to his family group as soon as possible.


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